I have become enthralled with gardening. At first my plan was simply to join the Blue Pike Farm CSA for the summer and that would be that. Carl then invited us down to the, ghetto, farm to learn to transplant onions. I was bitten, hard, by the gardening bug.

I went to Home Depot and bought some plants. I don’t have the highest of hopes for my growing adventure, but we shall see. Over on the right you can go to my Flickr page and see what things look like now, 3 days after planting, and what I hope will be huge progress as the summer moves on. I put in already sprouting brussels sprouts, spinach, basil, two types of hot peppers, and a tomato plant. I have two tubs of onion sets from teh farm, but I forgot to put holes in one of the tubs so I think they are just going to rot out :(. I threw some seeds down in the dirt just to see if anything would grow there. So I might have lots more basil, white pumpkins, and canteloupes. I also threw varied sunflower seeds by the back fence. I should probably water those. Gardening is such good fun!

I can’t wait until I see something like *this* outside!!!

not my photo, click to go to a great site on gardening!

not my photo, click to go to a great site on gardening!


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