My garden needs your help!

brussels sprouts plant with new growth in the center

Ok, so as I said before, there are photos of my plants from the day I planted them (or put them into pots) on my Flickr. I took some new ones this morning because there are problems! I will start with the good, however.

The brussels sprouts have new growth!

The tomato plant has a tiny little blossom that hasn’t opened yet!

The pepper plants have the tiniest little buds on them as well.

The onions are doing ok I assume, although the tub with no drainage is full of water, so i think that maybe that experiment is over and they are goners.

poor basil eaten by bugs

poor basil eaten by bugs

So on to the unfortunate, and the part where I need your help. The basil leaves have tiny holes in them. definitely from insects. Is there a nice organic pesticide recipe out there somewhere that won’t kill my dogs? I really don’t want to kill any of the outside animals, like squirrels and bunnies, either. I don’t think we have any bunnies though.

spinach with funky leaves

So here is the spinach. Some of the leaves look amazingly green and yummy! Many of the leaves are looking kind of yellow. When I transplanted them this past weekend I noticed that some of the stems got bent funny. I wonder if that is the problem?

poor brussles sprouts

poor brussles sprouts

Now back to the brussels sprouts. What is up with these leaves? Are they supposed to be turning that funky colour? And do I need to transplant them into the ground once they get a bit bigger? There is no way they can stay in these little pots, right?

In other news, the Prof has not been able to fix the computer from the disaster. I feel really bad for him. So one of the drives in our PC blew up or something, but the Prof was smart when he built the thing; he set up a raid and some striping. I sort of understand what these two things mean. So when one of the drives went nuts he got a new drive and the computer rebuilt itself. It was like a robot from the future! I was so excited because we had like 75G of music on that computer and it was all gone. (I had forgotten about all of the documents and photos at this point.) The Prof was very proud of his accomplishment. So very proud, in fact, that he forgot his brain and began putting the case back together while the PC was still on. A screw fell inside. The motherboard blew up and shorted out. We can’t get it working again.

Next Friday my friend Jon is coming to visit from Oregon. He is going to Texas first, then to Cleveland, then to Phoenix, then to Nebraska I believe, and then to Vegas. What a trip! I can’t wait for him to get here!

I ordered a whole rabbit from freshfork this week. I wasn’t sure what to do with it exactly so I hit up eatingcleveland on twitter to see if he had any suggestions. He kindly pointed me toward chefmendez who has supplied me with the most amazing rabbit paella recipe I have set my eyes on. I can’t freakin’ wait for this rabbit to show up. I ❤ paella. Big ups to both of my helpers!

Tonight is the Cleveland Poker Meetup Group Team Tourney. Chan, the Prof and I are going to kick some ass.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. We are having the families over for brunch. I have an in class statistics final on Tuesday afternoon and my take home final, in the same class, is due Thursday morning. Next week is going to be horrible, but once it is over I am done with classes until Fall. Must remember to keep that in mind while suffering now.

3 responses to “My garden needs your help!

  1. hey blogger.. i didn’t know.

    don’t worry, your plants are fine. nothing you show looks like a problem. all plants lose some outer leaves as they grow, the color on the brussel sprouts is not a big deal, and the spinach probably has some transplant shock and will recover. you can pull the limp, yellow, wilty leaves off if you want.

    best, easiest, cheapest “organic” pest protection – a small squirt (like a teaspoon) of dish detergent in a spray bottle of water. shake it up, give a spray, esp. on the underside of leaves and in nooks and crannies where bugs might hang out. if you want, you could try that out on the basil. even the basil, though, looks just fine – the bugs might eat a little but as long as the plant has sun and water it should grow just fine.

  2. Oh good. This is the first time I have planted things besides sunflowers, so I am kind of nervous. I will definitely give the detergent idea a try too. Thanks Andy!

  3. Did you grow the veggies from seeds or did you get them as plants? I have some onions, spinach etc… sprouts from seeds that I am anxious to plant outside but I know I’m gonna put them out there too soon and they’ll burn up. 1/2 the cucumbers burnt but my squash and zucchini are doing well so far!

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