I have sproutings!

So I stopped home to take a quick break before returing to my own personal hell, known as statistics. I figured, since it hadn’t rained in a few days, that my “garden” could probably use a nice sprinkle. In the pot that I tossed a bunch of basil seeds into, there are now actual SPROUTS! So here is my question. I tossed almost a whole packet of seeds into a teeney tiny pot. They obviously can’t all grow in there. Now what?

3 responses to “I have sproutings!

  1. LOL! I did that with oregano. I’ve been thinning them out and keeping only the biggest. I feel terrible with the fate of all the little plants in my hands and making the decision who will live and who will die, but I really don’t need like 100 oregano plants.

  2. Oh good, so I am not the only crazy gardener out there. I guess I could simply follow directions, but what fun would that be?! Oh, and I forgot to answer your question from before, Esther. The pictures of all of my plants are things I bought already sprouted, at Home Depot. Yesterday was the first I have seen of any seed work going on. The only seeds I planted were the basil in the tiny pot, some more basil in the ground, white pumpkins, yellow squash, and cantaloupe.

  3. I’m in the same boat with my watermelon plants. They’re supposed to be spaced somewhere between seven and 12 *feet* apart. No kidding. Meanwhile, I have them sprouting within inches of each other in the yard. I had a minimal amount of good soil space in the back yard to use for them and until they sprouted, I had know way of knowing which seeds were best. I’m waiting for them to get larger and establish themselves more before I “thin the herd,” so to speak.

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