statistics is killing me

*Important Note* If you have no interest in reading my babbling about statistics you should probably skip this one.

I am a procrastinator. I can accept this. I have always been this way and I will most likely continue on the same path for the rest of my existence. Maybe I need the pressure to get me moving? Maybe I am too confident in my intelligence, and therefore wait until the last minute because I think I already know everything? It could be both, I guess.

I have an in class final exam tomorrow. There will be 35 questions covering 5 topics. Each topic has somewhere around 30 “goals” associated with it. There is a topic that will only have 2 questions asked about it, yet there are still 35 goals! Logistic Regression, Discriminant Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Multi Dimensional Scaling, and Structural Equation Modeling. Are you kidding me? There are entire courses built around just Structural Equation modeling, how can we have only 10 questions on it? My brain is swimming in circles…

Discriminant Analysis and I are friends. I get it, it gets me. Logistic Regression tries to come off as being “oh so close to Multiple Regression” when in actuality it is a liar! Cluster Analysis is an easy concept,  but the cut offs and the goodness of fit are strangling my brain cells. MDS makes sense in my head, which cases are the most similar, but again there are so many different numbers and cutoffs to remember. Sample size, assumptions, variables oh my. SEM is Horvath’s favourite statistic so I had better know that one inside and out.

I will get one question correct no matter what. Question 25 asks what “my” favourite statistic is. It is multiple choice. I already asked if “none” is one of the choices. Sadly, it is not.

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