my urban homestead and wreck this journal

I got two new books on Friday. The first book is The Urban Homestead (link leads to ther blog, which is also linked in my blogroll). I am already halfway done reading this. The book talks about becoing more self sufficient while living under urban constraints. This book, however, isn’t just your normal ‘here is how to plant a small garden that will be worth your time’. This book goes into harnessing, and using, your greywater, building a chicken coop and maintaining your hens, raising rabbits and bees, foraging for edibles in your community, and even how to begin making your home much greener than it ever has been. This book compiles information that is both practical and easy to follow. I am scouring the area for random old tires laying around…I am ready to plant some taters.

wrecking in progress

wrecking in progress

Next up is Wreck This Journal. I saw this book on someone else’s blog and thought to myself, “that looks awesome”. Basically, each page has a different instruction on it. For instance,  one of the pages instructs the owner to tear the page out, put it in their pocket, run it through the was, return said page to book. The goal is to inspire, while getting you to break the rules. I have gotten a few strange looks already. I really like the page that tells me to make a sudden, destructive, unpredictable movement with the journal. I have done that page three times already, twice at different airports, and sudden is the key word here. 🙂 I like breaking the rules. I like journals. I like having a page designated for using as a napkin during dinner, so as to document, by smears and stains, what was eaten. I believe I have found my newest ‘present I buy for everyone’. Keri Smith, I can’t thank you enough for your book.

One response to “my urban homestead and wreck this journal

  1. the urban homestead is my bible.

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