My favourite colour used to be gray. Then it was black. I remember in fourth grade I got to pick out new wall paper for my bedroom. I tried my hardest to be girly. I chose a satiny looking paper with soft pink flowers on it. It was awful. I almost would have rather kept the orange and gold flowers that had been left there since the 70s, which we were replacing. I had to live with it until I moved out. Sometime in high school I started covering the walls with magazine photos – I mean covering the walls. Lack of colour continued on until I was about 26 or 27. Red had caught my eye. I wanted red bags and red shoes. Red is so bright and yet so dark at the same time. Red was my gateway colour.

Now I can’t stop. At one point in my life I was content with the stark white walls that came with an apartment. I always talked of longing to paint them, yet in the back of my mind there was something clean and fresh about them. It was almost as if I were the first person to set eyes on them, the first person to gaze upon their blankness. We bought a house. The colurs came flooding in.

When we bought our house the colours were drab and blah. I know excatly what happened. Someone said, “we need to sell this house. We need a canvas that is unintimidating. Make everything a different shade of tan.” It was awful. We bought our house as is. There were some holes and cracks in the walls. It needed some love and some work. Part of that love and work was new paint. There are a lot of colours of paint.

The first thing I noticed about picking out paints was that someone really fun works at the paint company. I got to a point where I wanted to choose a colour simply because I wanted to be able to tell someone, “Oh yes, the living room is Smurf Ass Blue!” (In actuality, the living room is now Happy Camper green.) Paint colour namers have marketing down pat.

Every room in my house is a different colour. The living room, as prviously noted, is Happy Camper. The kitchen is Code Red (from the Disney colours). Those are the onyl two names I can recall off the top of my head. The dining room is bright, I mean bright, yellow. The office is light blue. The stairway is light yellow. The upstairs bathroom is sage green, and the bedroom is a redish mauvish colour. I live in a crayon box. I think the happiness in the colours of the house make me a happier person. I like colour, it just took a while.

Even the shelf in the dining room is like a crayon box!

Even the shelf in the dining room is like a crayon box!

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