leaving, on a jet plane

Tomorrow I leave for Texas. I am beyond excited, yet nervous at the same time. Not to hang out with Ash; I have been waiting for that since November. Part of it is, no matter how many year I sock away, being away from home for a long time is nerve-racking. I have finally reached a stage in my life where I can fall asleep like a normal person. I don’t know if this transfers to other places, unfortunately. I guess we will find out, won’t we. I am also going to meet Jeff, Ash’s husband. I need to make a good impression, but I can come off kind of ‘in your face’ at times. I have to remember to keep that in check.

I have never been to Texas before. I am thinking of making up a sort of scavenger hunt for myself. Things that must be photographed or gotten, to gain points. Here is where I need your help! What kinds of things should I put on the list? Texas bingo sounds like fun to me!

2 responses to “leaving, on a jet plane

  1. over sized belt buckle! Ridiculous cowboy hat! Proof of Texas’ inflated ego!

  2. Added, added and added! Thanks Seven!

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