garden update

Some things are moving along while some have been chalked up to learning as I go along. Let’s start with successes!


There are actually tomatoes on that plant! I can’t believe it. There are maybe 6 or 7 actual tomatoes already and a maybe the same amount that are still blossoms. I ❤ tomatoes. Unfortunately I had a seed saving fail this morning. I was attempting to save the seeds from the beautiful purple heirloom tomato I bought at the West Side Market on Friday. I looked in the dish this morning and it was covered in mold. Something did not go right it seems.

As for the hot peppers I planted, 2 different kinds 1 plant a piece, and each plant has what looks like it will turn into a pepper! Here is an example:

The onions are out of control! I think they are all going to be good. The basil is iffy. Here is what the transplants look like. Their roots were so intertwined I just broke it into clumps and dumped the clumps in the ground. Not the best way but oh well.

Unfortunately the photos are somewhat blurry it seems. 😦 The brussels sprouts I transplanted into the ground, 2 of 6 plants, look like they are doing ok. The ones in pots are done for I think. If I get one good stalk of sprouts I will be pleased. I am pondering sucking all the water out of the pond with the shopvac and pilling it in with dirt for some alter season veggies. Any suggestions on plants?

2 responses to “garden update

  1. re: Seed saving tomatoes, the mold is not necessarily such a big issue – you can just wash them off and dry them. Often it’s no problem. They need to rot a bit to get the coating off the seed. If you haven’t dumped them, dry them off, it’s worth giving them a try.

  2. awwwww I already dumped them. Crap! The tomato I got them from was purple and uber tasty…alas. Maybe they will have another one at the WSM on Friday. Thanks for the heads up, Andy!

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