sometimes you just want simplicity

I just want someone to say, “I think turning that tenth of an acre lot across the street into a garden is a great idea. I think you will do a great job.” All I actually hear is, “You have no history of growing things”, or ” So who are you going to get to come do it for you since you don’t know what you are doing”. These people are afraid of failure; you can’t live without playing with failure.

A garden doesn’t have to be expensive. I can get a lot of things donated. I can get friends to help. I have a great plan.

Step 1. Acquire small plot of land on my block.

Step 2. Buy sod cutters and beer

Step 3. Invite friends over, quick intro on sod cutter, hand over beer, get to work – sod removed

Step 4. Borrow roto tiller and make everything nice

Step 5. Test soil

Step 6. Based on results of soil test, prepare for winter

My plan for how the garden is to run:

It is a small piece of land. I need to figure out how many people that lot can feed. After that is determined, the idea is that one family on the block is to receive a share of produce for free every week. Along with the free food, they also are given the opportunity to learn how to grow the same things in their yard or in containers. The rest of the produce will be sold to other area families at prices that haven’t been yuppified, like all of the farmers markets in the area. (There is one market that has reasonable prices and I believe their goal is somewhat the same as mine.) I want to feed the people who live here, and I want to feed them things other than McDonald’s.

I am not afraid of failure. I am not afraid to only offer tomatoes because everything else died. I am not afraid of learning, and with learning comes success as well as failure. If I don’t try, what kind of person does that make me?

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