I haven’t written in forever

It has just been so nice outside I haven’t been spending much time inside if I can help it. So what has been going on:

In the Garden: There are still tomatoes forming on my 1 lonely tomato plant. Each one I eat is better than the last. The pumpkin plant is about 6 feet long. I can’t for the life of me get a female flower to open at the same time as a male flower, however, so no real pumpkins yet. Many have formed and then rotted away from lack of fertilization. The canteloupe plant is about 3 feet long but no fruit yet. I am thinking these two are goners.

The basil I started from seed is doing awesome. I have 3 large clusters that have nice sized leaves on them. Mmmmmm

Something is eating the tops of my radishes. I think they will be ok, though. The beets look good, but it is hard to tell with these root veggies since they are underground!

I pulled the last of the onions last night. They grew very nicely in their tub.

The brussels sprouts are actually forming sprouts! 2 of the plants have made it to the sprouting stage. I can’t wait! They are by far the most interesting plant in the garden right now, besides the yucca but that came with the house. I think next year I will pull out the flowers in front of the house and put in brussels sprouts instead.

The peas and beans I started inside have made their way outside. Their new home is in the (filled in) ditch where the pond used to be. I think they all made it through the transplant ok. I see new growth on all plants. I put two squash plants in there too. They look to have new growth as well. The old squash plants, by the garage and with the radishes, look ok. There are a couple of good plants and the rest look stunted. I believe this has to do with sun in the areas I transplanted them. I will make sure to remember that the man-door side of the garage is no good for growing. I think we decided that is where the chicken run is going anyways.

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