It needs a name

Gone with the Wind had Tara. This homestead needs a name.

In other news, I am pretty sure the storm 2 days ago created a lot of loss. The beans and peas I had transplanted 2 weeks ago have only a few survivors. Same for the squash. Mother Nature was not especially kind this year, but she tried I am sure.

I amde my first batch of vegetable stock alst night. It came out great. I figured out why my father’s, and mother in law’s, soups taste like dirty water. They don’t make stock! I realize you can make soup with water, but it isn’t going to be very tasty. You have to make stock first, and then make soup! Mystery solved. Will I tell them this? No. I am sure they both do this because they learned it from their parents who were trying to make meals out of rocks and potatoes.

A composting question: cooked veggies yes or no? I have found conflicting information.

There are tons of new photos up on flickr (over on your right). I got a new camera as an early birthday present so I have been shooting anything in my path 🙂

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