Meet Caprice

Name: Caprice

Occupation: Oyster Shucker

Favourite part about her job: “I like the special gloves and knife we get to use. Tre Chic!”

Least favourite part about her job: “My boss, Rodney, is a total pig. He is always trying to look down my shirt when I am bending over the oyster baskets.”

Favourite musical artist/group: Stevie Wonder

Favourite movie: School Daze

Where would she rather be right now: “My Mother needs a new left big toe, so I really should  be out looking for donors. Hey, do you need your left big toe anymore?”

Favourite book: Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

Favourite type of food: Cheese

What she wanted to be when she was a child: A fire truck

Did she enjoy this interview: “Yes, until now.”


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