It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…

Now to think of more to say.


TV days are over…

We cancelled our satellite service. It has been 2 days so far. I am happy.

I just found an old blog of mine

It is from 2002. I can’t stop laughing. In july of 2002 it seems a friend of ours found a box of my old tapes in his mom’s basement. This was the contents:

mad season
mary j blige
joy division
corrosion of conformity
new kids on the block – hanging tough
van morrison
madonna – like a virgin
andersun council
dr. seuss presents: fox in sox/green eggs and ham/horton hatches the egg/sneetches
mozart’s requiem
pearl jam
naked agression
glass tiger
velvet underground
lucious jackson
vanilla icemadonna – who’s that girl
the nakeds
the roots
bob and doug mackenzie
ghosts in daylight
6 random tapes of japanese music
dj savant
dj stick
daisy chainsaw
bikini kill
christie front drive
new kids on the block – merry christmas
madonna -true blue
ice cube
madonna – madonna
mr. bungle
madonna – like a prayer
marilyn manson
7 seconds
natural born killers
not a single tape has a case or a cover

It needs a name

Gone with the Wind had Tara. This homestead needs a name.

In other news, I am pretty sure the storm 2 days ago created a lot of loss. The beans and peas I had transplanted 2 weeks ago have only a few survivors. Same for the squash. Mother Nature was not especially kind this year, but she tried I am sure.

I amde my first batch of vegetable stock alst night. It came out great. I figured out why my father’s, and mother in law’s, soups taste like dirty water. They don’t make stock! I realize you can make soup with water, but it isn’t going to be very tasty. You have to make stock first, and then make soup! Mystery solved. Will I tell them this? No. I am sure they both do this because they learned it from their parents who were trying to make meals out of rocks and potatoes.

A composting question: cooked veggies yes or no? I have found conflicting information.

There are tons of new photos up on flickr (over on your right). I got a new camera as an early birthday present so I have been shooting anything in my path 🙂

I haven’t written in forever

It has just been so nice outside I haven’t been spending much time inside if I can help it. So what has been going on:

In the Garden: There are still tomatoes forming on my 1 lonely tomato plant. Each one I eat is better than the last. The pumpkin plant is about 6 feet long. I can’t for the life of me get a female flower to open at the same time as a male flower, however, so no real pumpkins yet. Many have formed and then rotted away from lack of fertilization. The canteloupe plant is about 3 feet long but no fruit yet. I am thinking these two are goners.

The basil I started from seed is doing awesome. I have 3 large clusters that have nice sized leaves on them. Mmmmmm

Something is eating the tops of my radishes. I think they will be ok, though. The beets look good, but it is hard to tell with these root veggies since they are underground!

I pulled the last of the onions last night. They grew very nicely in their tub.

The brussels sprouts are actually forming sprouts! 2 of the plants have made it to the sprouting stage. I can’t wait! They are by far the most interesting plant in the garden right now, besides the yucca but that came with the house. I think next year I will pull out the flowers in front of the house and put in brussels sprouts instead.

The peas and beans I started inside have made their way outside. Their new home is in the (filled in) ditch where the pond used to be. I think they all made it through the transplant ok. I see new growth on all plants. I put two squash plants in there too. They look to have new growth as well. The old squash plants, by the garage and with the radishes, look ok. There are a couple of good plants and the rest look stunted. I believe this has to do with sun in the areas I transplanted them. I will make sure to remember that the man-door side of the garage is no good for growing. I think we decided that is where the chicken run is going anyways.

sometimes you just want simplicity

I just want someone to say, “I think turning that tenth of an acre lot across the street into a garden is a great idea. I think you will do a great job.” All I actually hear is, “You have no history of growing things”, or ” So who are you going to get to come do it for you since you don’t know what you are doing”. These people are afraid of failure; you can’t live without playing with failure.

A garden doesn’t have to be expensive. I can get a lot of things donated. I can get friends to help. I have a great plan.

Step 1. Acquire small plot of land on my block.

Step 2. Buy sod cutters and beer

Step 3. Invite friends over, quick intro on sod cutter, hand over beer, get to work – sod removed

Step 4. Borrow roto tiller and make everything nice

Step 5. Test soil

Step 6. Based on results of soil test, prepare for winter

My plan for how the garden is to run:

It is a small piece of land. I need to figure out how many people that lot can feed. After that is determined, the idea is that one family on the block is to receive a share of produce for free every week. Along with the free food, they also are given the opportunity to learn how to grow the same things in their yard or in containers. The rest of the produce will be sold to other area families at prices that haven’t been yuppified, like all of the farmers markets in the area. (There is one market that has reasonable prices and I believe their goal is somewhat the same as mine.) I want to feed the people who live here, and I want to feed them things other than McDonald’s.

I am not afraid of failure. I am not afraid to only offer tomatoes because everything else died. I am not afraid of learning, and with learning comes success as well as failure. If I don’t try, what kind of person does that make me?

in researching how to build a chicken coop…

I came across this:

“The best time to find stuff to make coops  is just after elections.  There are a lot of left over signs available.  My chickens live in the Obama coop.  I don’t steal signs from Republicans.”

I giggled.